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texas and i think her daughter. there were some cell phones being plugged in on the floor because there was no furniture. so he's just starting up. when you look at ad spending, gingrich has spent only $233,000 so far. rick perry and his supporters, his superpac, have spent $5 million, yet perry's in single digits. does money matter? does organization matter? is gingrich just flowing above the frey and able to reach down and inspire people or excite people without spending the money and having an organization? >> well, it's a little too early to tell if we're in a new normal when it comes to retail level campaign during the caucuses. but one thing that you always need to be successful, it's the three ms. money, a message, motivating voters and the mechanics of an operation. no question right now newt gingrich has a message that is resonating, he's starting to raise money now that he's running ads and hiring staff in iowa. but by the campaign's own admission they're camping up when it comes to mechanics. here's where the mechanics in iowa are so important. we have 774 precincts spr
expertise. >> good to be with you, chris. >>> up next in the politico briefing, texas governor ron paul gets a taste of what it's like to be the front-runner. >>> time for the "your business" entrepreneur of the week. former rockette amy brunette opened the next step dance studio in jersey city with children's dance classes and expansion in mind. she monetized by renting space, added adult classes, a performance summer camp, and partnering with another group on performances of "the nutcracker." for more, watch "your business" sunday mornings at 7:30 on msnbc. the droid razr by motorola. the droid that wirelessly pulls files, music and movies, all at 4g lte speeds. and introducing the droid xyboard. with an 8 inch hd screen and adaptive surround sound, a home theater for your hands. powered by verizon 4g lte, these droids are too powerful to fall into the wrong hands. buy a droid razr and get $100 off a droid xyboard. >>> these things are pretty incendiary, you know? >> that's because of people like you. >> no, no, no, no. come on, some of the stuff was very incendiary, you know, in saying th
. >> an amendment green lighting the pipeline from canada to texas need senate to determine the tax cut doa. >>> a surprise play passing on his right to a pretrial hearing today. >> put together the best possible defense that we can do. stay the course to fight -- we will wait for the opportunity to present our side and we couldn't do that today. >> and freedom fight. the wife of an american contractor jailed in cuba for two years makes an emotional plea for his release. >>> good day. i'm andrea mitchell live in washington. in our daily fix today, new polling from nbc news and the wall street journal shows with the first voting only three weeks from today, republicans are not happy with tlir choices. only 21% of registered republicans say that the current field is strong. with many good candidates to choose from. 51% call their choices average. 27% say the field is weak with hardly any good choices. chris alisa is managing editor of post there is a look at the poll. what does this tell us about the mood of the electorate certainly out there in iowa and the field, republican ch
there are indications that minorities are being kept out of the political process. mentioning the redistricting in texas. >> the most recent sen susz data indicated that texas gained 4 million new residents. the vast majority are hispanic and it allows for four new congressional seats. but the state will add zero additional seats. >> pete williams is the justice correspondent. this issue is bubbling and we really haven't seen it addressed from the white house. now the attorney general is jumping into it. that's a big deal. >> he meant zero additional seats where hispanics would have a majority voting opportunity. so here you have an attorney general who is given the toughest line yet from the obama administration on the state changes in voting. you mentioned photo i.d. laws. they are the hot thing right now. and the advocates say it is necessary to prevent in person voter fraud at the polls. opponents say that voter fraud is not that big of a problem. then you have restrictions on early voting and registration at the polls. and the attorney general said this is an attorney general who made civil rights
't be spending in iowa. where a new poll shows ron paul the texas republican congressman, out front. the poll puts romney in third place, and it's just 13 days before the iowa caucuses. andrea's saul is a spokesman for the romney campaign. andrea, thanks for joining us. mitt romney, at this stage we're close to the end of the first vote. every day is important. he's spending three days in new hampshire. that's three days he's not in iowa -- why? >> we're going to be in iowa next week. we have a bus tour there. we've been there before. and you know, last cycle he built a lot of support in iowa. we have a lot of friends there. we have a strong ground game and look, we want to win. we want to win wherever it's named on the ballot and that's why we're going to be going back to iowa, we've been there before and take our message of jobs and economy and why mitt romney is the best candidate to not only beat president obama, but get this economy back on track directly to the voters there. >> andrea, wanting to win and winning are two different things. does mitt romney need to win the state of iowa? g
cocaine and marijuana from a texas drug supplier. he was arrested yesterday. >>> travel search site kayak has been the second company to pull tv ads from "all american muslim" the move comes one day after lowe's was pressured by a florida family group to pull its ads from the show. kayak thought the show quote, stunk" and were not bowing to pressure from activist groups. >>> putin is ruling out a new vote in the disputed russian parliamentary elections and says protesters are only trying to destabilize russia, however he did say the protests reflected a rise in public activity which he now welcomes. in france, today, the former president was found of embezzling public funds to finance the conservative party he once led. he was given a two-year suspended prison sentence, they took into account his age and declining health. >>> can republicans overcome their electability problems? some members of the establishment doubt it, on both sides. >> i have never seen a guy, and i've run a lot of elections, never seen a guy change his positions on so many things so fast on a dime. >> we're going to
and redistricting in texas. how it all could affect the race for president. more money, more problems. mitt romney catching heat for the $10,000 bet comment even from his wife. >> anne came up and gave me a kiss and said i was great. and she said a lot of things you do well. betting isn't one
of texas who's on on television in iowa for a month, his numbers haven't moved at all. i question how much television ads are swaying voters in early states at the moment. >> we'll check in with you a little bit later. thank you. for more on the state of the race in iowa, matt straw joins us from iowa. good to talk with you. >> good to see you. >> let me put it to you this way, if we look at our latest polls and you see the two top guys romney and gingrich they are the two who have spent the least time in iowa. does that disturb you? >> well, i think there's two things. first, when you look at governor romney he invested a tremendous amount of resources on the ground and air in iowa four years ago. he's had a staff on the ground aggressively making sure the supporters are still in line four years later. it isn't like he was an unknown entity to us. and similarly with people gingrich. what people outside the state need to remember is he has spent a lot of time here over the years speaking to lincoln day dinners. he is not unknown at all to iowa republicans. there's a great deal of affection
in the texas area around amarillo. we can show you some pictures around amarillo and around the area which was hit by this season opening blizzard. we also had not only a lot of snow up to two feet but we had drifts as high as eight to ten feet in southeast colorado and that led to the traffic accidents around the area. behind me, this is garden city. and life is starting to come back to normal late this morning, early this afternoon. chris, because the roads are still in pretty bad shape, in fact, it's travel is impossible basically north, south, and west out of garden city. better weather ahead but it stays below freezing, chris. you want a white christmas, come out to kansas. most of the country will not have a white christmas thisa year. >>> still ahead, we'll get the democrats' take on the payroll tax fight with democratic whip stanny hoyer. >>> who is winning along conservatives? that all important block. and don't miss "the daily rundown quot "tomorrow. the one and only chuck todd will be on the road with a live interview with former massachusetts governor mitt romney. but lately we
in september. i was down watching a debate with laredo republicans in texas, they are saying newt is really smart. but he's not plausible, is he? performance after performance he's gotten more plausible and now he's very plausible if he doesn't screw up the way he usually does. >> and when we talk about mitt romney, he's been very reluctant to do interviews. >> wouldn't talk to me. >> really? >> no. he hasn't sat down for a major -- >> it's not just television. >> he hasn't sat down for a major mainstream print profile this time. and i had pretty good relations with him in the past. i did a column promoting his universal health care plan in massachusetts back in 2006, but i guess he doesn't want to talk about that too much anymore. >> that could be the reason, joe klein, thank you, congratulations on the cover story. see you tomorrow when you're down here. nbc news chief white house correspondent chuck todd has our daily fix today. republicans are now saying that they are looking at all of these candidates, newt gingrich says he is the front-runner. on what does he base that? >> reporter: h
hampshire and ron paul is out of sight in texas. >> this is a terrific moment. you couldn't have the stars align themselves in a better way. it was laying low and playing cautiously. now at the end, all of the other candidates who rose up are having problems. he had at the lead of the meris poll. if he can combine a victory or strong second place behind ron paul in ira, go on to new hampshire where he has a 20-point lead, he is off to the race unless conservatives can consolidate all that non-romney vote. >> this weekend is strange. thank you, john harwood. happy new year. we will celebrate new year's eve somewhere. that does it for this edition of andrea mitchell reports and that's it for this year. all of the other republican and democratic activities in the year ahead. happy new year to all of you and richard louie, happy new year to you too in for tamron hall. >> thank you, andrea. in the next hour, president obama is delaying a request to congress for a trillion dollar increase in the debt limit. the final 100 mitt romney and ron paul remain neck and neck and make a push for iowa. jus
into further disarray. texas congressman ron paul is locked in a three-way battle for iowa and may be gaining steam at just the right time. the cover of monday's "des moines register" says it all. "could ron paul win?" rick green is the vice president and editor of the "des moines register," and he joins us. okay, rick. you have one minute. answer the question. seriously, tell me, why is ron paul support in iowa higher than it is in other places? what is it about ron paul that appeals to iowans? >> you know, chris, his libertarian streak i think is really resonating with a lot of the conservative iowans out here. his pledge to trim the federal spending by a trillion dollars in the first year, to not only just dismantle but to literally imploez fide five federal agenc his unusual but well-calculated strategy as relates to foreign relations and reducing our military bases overseas, there's a large contingent of iowa republicans who are really reacting and responding to what it is he's talking about. >> and he's spent -- i think something always gets overlooked. he's spent both time and signific
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pipeline coming from canada to the gulf coast of texas after explicitly saying he would not allow republicans to attach anything like that, he would reject it if they tried to attach it. he ended up accepting it. then the next day john boehner appearing on "meet the press" put the plug on the whole deal. 89 votes. not good for the house republican conference obviously dominated by the tea party freshmen. back and forth we went all week. the pressure mounted with each passing day. it was just 24 hours ago that the majority leader eric cantor as you well know invited the president to come on up to the capital saying he could bring bo along with them. they could hash this thing out. over the course of the next couple of hours after that it became very apparent. we can talk about karl rove. we can talk about various senators coming out and telling house republicans to get off the mark, to declare victory, come back in two months and get at this again. when mitch mcconnell, the senate republican leader put out that paper statement yesterday trying to urge those house republicans forwar
Search Results 0 to 27 of about 28 (some duplicates have been removed)